Meet William

William S. Hartley

William’s whole life has been a process of unfoldment, awakenings, numinous and mystical experiences, synchronicities, mental and physical mediumship and divine interventions, and realizing the importance of making available avenues of service for spiritual and psychic discernments, developments, disseminations and/for the uplifting evolutionary personal transitions and transformations into the ever expanding understanding of aligning our relationships with God and or whatever is relative to the names we all use in that sacred appreciative context of beingness.
Currently, he is finding himself involved in a beautiful spiritual and psychic community were service is of the utmost importance and central theme as well as reverence for God and all sentient life. He has been called to study under Reverend Steve Clevenger (White Lily Chapel and Rays of Light Church) and other phenomenal mentors and friends toward developing as an independent spiritualist/mediumistic minister. He has also had the pleasure of experiencing many classes with John McMullen with his Journeys of Wisdom programs.
Over the years William has been fortunate enough to develop/study gifts of healing (getting out of the way for self-healing/spirit to happen)  touch/non-touch (body-energy modalities…polarity therapy, craniosacral, reflexology, myofascial and or trigger point release techniques, hypnosis and or guided thought for brain wave shifts to occur which promote healing, mediumship touch, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, group and or channeled healings, trance channeled experiences, reiki (all levels), cert. cornerstone practitioner, meditation practices and the like, etc. ). He feels like through the years of information gathering, the more he knows the more he realizes he knows nothing about nothing. Life for him is a magical journey of unfoldment into the alignment with SPIRIT, into being who he is, has been and always will be.
God bless and welcome!
Services Offered: Cornerstone Session, Advanced Session, Chakra Restoration Procedure, Lightbody Metamorphosis, Mediumistic Energy Touch