Meet William

William S. Hartley

“Life is a magical journey of unfoldment into the alignment with Spirit, into being who I am, have been and always will be.” ~William S. Hartley

William Hartley’s entire life had been a process of unfoldment involving awakenings, numinous and mystical experiences, synchronicities, mental and physical mediumship and Divine interventions. He gratefully realizes the importance of each evolutionary personal transition and transformation into the ever expanding understanding of aligning with God and the sacred appreciative context of being-ness.

He is now offering soul sessions at his office in the Columbus area. Soul sessions are blended sessions comprised of intuitive counseling, spiritual guidance, mediumship touch, polarity, Reiki, trance healing and craniosacral. William is a channel for Spirit, allowing the Spirit doctors, healers, teachers, and guides to work through him. A session with William is intended to offer you peace, clarity, comfort, and healing.