Lightbody Metamorphosis

The Lightbody Metamorphosis creates stable and permanent access to 5th Dimensional energy by activating the 5th Dimensional Lightbody template. It establishes the Quantum Merkaba, the next level of spiritual travel vehicle, able to go farther and experience the universe in more clarity and depth. This activation occurs on the DNA level (the 3rd, 4th, and 5th strands are completely activated) and permanently raises the level of consciousness in the individual to be able to experience Unity Consciousness, the next level of human evolution. Learn More

Ascension Sessions

A Cornerstone Energetics session connects you with Source, the point of Oneness, and from that point, all things are possible. You will be exposed to unlimited amounts of energy that is universal, yet tailored to your individual needs, as your Divine Self gives you exactly what you need in that moment in time. Learn More

Ascension Coaching

As you progress spiritually, there are common hardships and difficult periods, also called the “dark nights of the soul” that are meant to test you, and some people get derailed. Ascension Coaching can help to light the way, and the coach will customize a session to your individual needs. Learn More