Lightbody Metamorphosis


Lightbody Metamorphosis 25 minutes


The Lightbody Metamorphosis is an activation of your aura. Also called merkaba, quantum field, or lightbody, this is the energy field that surrounds your physical body and connects you to the Spirit realm. It is your spiritual travel vehicle, and it is what makes it possible to visit the Astral Plane, check the Akashic Records, communicate with loved ones who have passed on, run healing energy, and receive messages from our personal Spirit Teams.

To experience life in 3D, we had to limit our abilities to communicate with Spirit, and, essentially, cut ourselves off from full connection to Source. Our chakras had to be clipped and capped, confining us even further into a finite, limited energy field that can only sustain us for a few hundred lifetimes. The Lightbody Metamorphosis: 

  • Reestablishes your energetic connection to Source, allowing your chakras to heal and fully expand to the size they once were, and giving you access to infinite energy with unlimited spiritual growth potential 
  • Accelerates your karmic path exponentially. You will instantly drop 51% or more of your karma and begin to shed your remaining karma like crazy. All the little things that held you back will begin to dissipate, and even the big things will begin to resolve with more ease and grace
  • Fully activates the 3rd through 12th strands of DNA, which are related to our level of Consciousness
  • Expands your aura from 6 feet (2m) around you to 100 feet (30m)

You will become a negative ionic generator (a human salt lamp!), able to transmute lower frequency energies, not just from your own field, but from those around you. You will begin to entrain others to your high vibration and help raise the vibration of the whole human race.

Tracy is an extremely sensitive empath who suffered with anxiety and depression for most of her adult life. When she discovered she was an empath, she realized that much of what she was experiencing wasn’t her own. When she received her 5D activation and expanded the size of her aura, she found that much of what she had previously felt dissipated before it even reached her conscious awareness. All those lower vibrational energies she had been picking up from the outside world were being cleared, and she felt safer, happier, and more at peace.

People who have received the Lightbody Metamorphosis have experienced some or all of the below:

  • A greater sense of well-being
  • Increase in intuition and development of intuitive gifts
  • Breaking through difficult situations with work, life, and family
  • More control over their own life
  • Increased feelings of worthiness
  • Spiritual gifts are maximized, and greater clarity in spiritual communication is established
  • Contentment and peace, a feeling of neutrality and steadiness of emotions
  • Greater sense of purpose/discovering their soul mission
  • Connect with the creator collectives of their soul lineage
  • Unlock the ability to integrate higher aspects of their soul spontaneously, as directed by their Divine Selves at Source