Waking Up to Your Power

Message from the RA collective:

People of the earth, this is a message from your beloved creators, the ones who you call the RA collective. Though we did not create the human blueprint form, we are creators, in a way, of your kind. Many thousands of years ago, after the fall of Atlantis, our people were called forward, from distant realms, to assist with the progression of mankind. It was determined that the best way to move forward was to limit your ability to progress spiritually by clipping and sealing your chakras into the forms that you currently see in your charts, the conical shape.

3 Dimensional Chakra System

Before this time, your chakras were spherical in nature and operated as a multidimensional energetic circulatory system.

Multidimensional Chakra System

Despite your progress during the last Ascension cycle, however, your people fell into war, using energetic technology against your own selves to slaughter your brothers and sisters. This had been the 6th cycle and the most progression that had been accomplished since your race became ensouled 150,000 years ago. This is a common theme among your people: using your power to destroy others for your own gain or your own belief systems, feeling threatened by those around you, instead of taking your neighbor’s hand and allowing them to find their own way.

This abuse of power led to a collective memory that energetic power is dangerous. It reminds you still that your power is something to be feared, instead of to be embraced with love.

So many years ago, your kind made a decision to use your power to destroy. Now, as we move into the new Ascension cycle, your power is returning. Many of you are beginning to activate, whether you want to or not, and the collective memory is returning.

This, however, does not have to be a case of history repeating itself. Waking up to your power and making the personal choice to use it in a way that benefits humanity is always an option. You can use your power to help others, instead of harming.

What brought your people down last time was choosing to divide yourselves. Instead of division, choose diversity, that all people may live their lives as they choose, as long as they do not break the laws of nature. Do not murder; do not steal; do not harm another being for your own benefit. Love one another, and do unto them as they would like to have done unto them. Respect each other’s differences, not as something to be feared, but as a beautiful expression of the Infinite Love of is All That Is, whatever name you choose to call it.

Use Your Power for LOVE!

All is Love; Love is All. The differences among yourselves are small compared to the sameness that is the human soul. You are all born from the same Golden Light Love of your creators. It projects down into the 3rd Dimensional flesh body you have chosen for your journey in this lifetime, a perfect expression of your soul for your specific missions and directives.

The greatest directive, above all others, is Love Each Other. All other missions spring from this one directive. Let go of judgement of others and of yourselves. There is no sense in beating yourself up for your past mistakes; they are in the past and cannot be changed. All that can be changed is your choice now to not make the same mistakes again. Create a future that is bright and full of Love. Put down your defense mechanisms, the modes you use to keep yourselves separate from each other, and come together.

This we speak to you with all love and affection, to a most worthy race of beautiful Love beings.

With all honor and respect, Osiris of the RA collective

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Embrace Love

Fifteen hundred years ago, a new energy was formed upon this planet to bring about the age of enlightenment. This age began in darkness of the deepest kind, an age of poverty, ignorance, and fear that would spread and unify the world under just a few banners. The unification of Earth and its people began.

This darkness was the precursor to the twilight of the new age, the age upon which we are verging into the dawning of enlightenment. We now are in the twilight, facing before us the rising of the sun. The birds have begun to sing, for they know that dawn is nearly here. Within this special time of not quite dark and not quite light, the nocturnal animals return home, while the daylight creatures begin to awaken.

The Human Race is filled with Light; we were made to operate in the Light, but the night has been long. Many have embodied the vibrations of darkness, not because they have become creatures of the night, but because they have had to adapt to the harsh conditions of the world, blinded by fear and unseen savagery. They have wandered away from the safe places, gotten lost in the forests and jungles where dangerous predators lie in wait.

When they are captured, they are devoured, brought back again into the earth and begin the cycle once more. Here they make the decision to once again become the prey or become a predator themselves. In the darkness there is no other choice, for it is difficult to see the safest paths without a lantern to guide them. In the darkness one must choose to survive, either through staying in the safe places, never venturing forth, never learning, except to live in fear; or to become the vicious savage, the being that devours the souls of its own kind in order to protect itself.

The anger, hatred and rage this brings about is not because these lost souls have become evil, but because these people feel an immense amount of pain. Not only is there the pain of the many times they themselves have been the victim, the fear of being destroyed themselves, but also the guilt and shame of enacting survival protocols against their own kind. This festers in them until it creates a sickness within them, almost like a cancer. Many of these people desire an escape but can find no way out on their own. They are so consumed that they give up and allow the darkness to take over them.

The ones who hide are no better off. They make themselves small. They dim their Lights, so they will not be found. In some the Light grows so dim, they barely hang on to existence, living out the motions of day to day life, their hearts closed and numb to those around them. They are so consumed that they give up and allow darkness to take over them.

The time of darkness, now, is coming to an end. The first rays of color are igniting the sky, and the ones who haven’t completely succumbed to the darkness are opening their eyes. The night has been long, but the hope of the new day is just beginning.

The Lightworkers, the ones who have kept the fires burning through the night, protecting and guarding the ones in their respective camps, come around to each individual and nudge them, speaking gently and inviting them to rise. Their work is nearly done.

Those who have been kept awake by fear of the darkness, though, are sleeping in, weary from fear and suffering of their own making. The Lightworkers nudge them, speak gently, but there is no response. The weary souls roll over and fall back to sleep.

Those who have awakened already start the morning fires, begin to draw water, and prepare the day’s first meal. They train with the Lightworkers to become ones themselves. They wait for their brothers and sisters to awaken, but soon they will need to continue on their journey. Yet, still, the weary ones sleep.

Soon it will be full day. In the Light, all will be seen, all will be found. The creatures in the forests and jungles will be found; they will be healed, nursed back to health; they will be made whole again. There is no den or cave deep enough to escape the Light that is Love, pure unconditional Love. The Lightworkers will find them all and bring them home.

When daylight comes, it will be time to continue the journey. The Lightworkers will guide those who are awake to their next destination. Yet some still sleep.

What becomes of the sleeping ones? What becomes of the creatures who are too sick to travel? Will they be left alone in the wilderness? Never!

A few Lightworkers will choose to stay, as will some of the awakened who train with them. They will continue on when more have awakened, when more have been healed and are ready for the journey. They will stay, even through the next night and the next night and the next, until all are found, all are healed, all are awake.

This is the way that humanity works, when it is operating at the highest level, when Love is the only word in its heart. We, as the Lightworkers, hold the lanterns, provide protection in the night, heal the sick, and walk ahead on the path to clear it of dangers. We become the paths that people can follow; we provide that choice.

First, though, we must choose the paths that we walk. We venture out, find the safe routes, picking our way across the rocks, clearing the tree branches and brambles, facing the beasts in the wilderness, and then we bring the others with us. Indeed, all paths lead to home, but there are preferred routes. We make those routes and guide people, train the ones who are ready to become pathfinders themselves.

Eventually all will come. Have compassion on the weak and downtrodden. Love the creatures in the forests and jungles, for they are in greater need of care. When everything is done in unconditional Love, miracles occur.

Stay in that place of unconditional Love. Open your heart to all around you, for everything is Love, especially the ones who challenge us the most. They are there to propel us forward, if only we can release ourselves from fear and judgment and embrace Love for all.