Ascension Sessions


Cornerstone Session


Cornerstone Energetics is dedicated to assisting you on your spiritual path. No matter where it might lead, the energy sessions you receive will help you to reconnect with your divinity. All of us, at the highest level, are God. We all sprang from the same Source, and at that point all are One.

A Cornerstone Energetics session connects you with Source, the point of Oneness, and from that point, all things are possible. You will be exposed to unlimited amounts of energy that is universal, yet tailored to your individual needs, as your Divine Self gives you exactly what you need in that moment in time.

Because it is tailored to your individual energy signature, every session incrementally and permanently raises your vibration. You will be forever changed to experience and live out the best possible outcome in your life at that moment in time.

People who have received a Cornerstone Energetics Session have experienced some or all of the below:

  • Greater joy in their lives!
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Reduced fear and anxiety
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Greater sense of connection with the world and the universe

A session takes about 25 minutes and can be done in person or via distance, from anywhere in the world.


Cornerstone Advanced Session


The Advanced Session builds on the original session by helping to release karmic ties and bonds; repairing and activating spiritual DNA; and restoring the energy in your quantum field. It still connects to Source and your Divine Self to tailor the perfect session, while helping you to process and remove energetic blockages throughout the layers of your auric field.

The Advanced Session serves to strengthen you as a whole being, and though it is not the direct intention of the session, spontaneous healings of mind and body have occurred, as well as spiritual healings.

Another benefit of the Advanced Session is the opportunity to integrate higher versions of your Self. Your soul exists in every dimension of time and space, and you are concurrently having experiences in these dimensions with different levels of consciousness, experience, awareness, and truth. With the difficulties humanity has experienced living on 3D Earth, some of these parts of your soul lineage have chosen to come in to your incarnate body to facilitate greater healing and guidance as you progress spiritually.

People who have received a Cornerstone Energetics Advanced Session have experienced some or all of the below:

  • Feel more energized
  • Healing of the chakras
  • Removal of karmic ties and bonds
  • Increased level of conscious awareness/seeing things from a higher perspective
  • Greater emotional stability
  • Development of intuition and spiritual gifts

A session takes about 25 minutes and can be done in person or via distance, from anywhere in the world.


Cornerstone Intuitive Session


While the majority of Cornerstone Sessions are facilitated by the practitioner in a non-intuitive fashion, serving as the conduit for the client and their Divine Self to connect at a higher vibrational level, intuitive practitioners use a practiced form of psychic surgery to remove karmic blockages, attachments, and other implements from all layers of the aura and dimensional existences of the soul. This takes Reiki one step further by clearing the whole being on a multidimensional level and lifting karmic debris from every part of the person in the past, present, and future!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The Intuitive Session is a form of psychic surgery that permeates all levels of the individual’s being. Pregnant women, people with pacemakers,  people with terminal illnesses, and people who cannot willingly consent, including children, should not receive this type of energy. The 25 minute Cornerstone or Advanced Cornerstone Sessions are appropriate for everyone, as they solely connect with the individual’s Divine Self at Source and will receive only what is appropriate in that moment in time.

A session takes about 25 minutes and can be done in person or via distance, from anywhere in the world.



Soul Retrieval


Over hundreds, or even thousands, of lifetimes in 3rd Dimensional energy, our souls have experienced great joys and great traumas. Some of these traumas are so great that they actually tore or fractured our souls. Soul Retrieval calls back those parts of us that are ready to return and be reassimilated as we begin to heal ourselves and raise our vibrations in preparation for Ascension.

It is common to feel the full range of emotions as the different pieces return. Some feel joy, love, and a sense of peace; while others may feel sadness, anger or fear. It is recommended that this be an add on to a Cornerstone Energetics Session,  Advanced Session, or intuitive session to assist in clearing the karma and energizing the recovered soul fragment.

A session takes 10-20 minutes and can be done in person or via distance, from anywhere in the world.