Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching


These 1:1 sessions are the perfect tool to customize and personalize your transformational experience. Tracy and Stephanie are both exceptionally gifted mediums and intuitives, and each 2-hour session is a blend of practical techniques they each have learned through their coaching and spiritual counseling work; helping you connect and open the channels of communication with your personal Spirit team; and energy work, including meditations, Akashic Record clearing, past life regressions, shadow work, etc. Each session is guided by your Divine Self, and you are given exactly what you need, at that moment in time, to propel you forward on your spiritual path. 

Coaching is the rocket fuel that will accelerate your growth exponentially and allow you to fully benefit from this course. Imagine getting to the bottom of a issue in your life, the root cause of whatever is going on, healing it at its core, and never having to deal with it again.

An Ascension Coaching session is a 2-hour session, focused exclusively on you, and can be done in person or distance via Facebook Messenger or Zoom.