Ascension Coaching

Ascension Coaching

USD$500 25 minutes; $1000 55 minutes

If you would like personal guidance on your spiritual path, a coaching session may be helpful. Every coach is an ordained minister through Universal Life Church and has been trained in the techniques used in our Cornerstone courses, as well as using their intuitive gifts to guide you.

As you progress spiritually, there are common hardships and difficult periods, also called the “dark nights of the soul” that are meant to test you, and some people get derailed. Ascension Coaching can help to light the way, and the coach will customize a session to your individual needs. This may include protection and contract clearing techniques; Cornerstone Energetics Sessions; Soul Retrieval; learning to connect to and communicate with your integrations; and intuitive guidance from your Divine Self at Source.

An Ascension Coaching session can be done in person or distance via Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

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