Tracy Butler-Martinez


Tracy Butler-Martinez’s personal journey of Awakening and healing began in 1998 when she became acutely aware of her natural abilities to feel others’ emotional and physical pain.  She also received messages for others and developed her gifts into intuitive counseling and massage for her friends and family.

In 2011, she began studying different physical and energetic modalities. She became an Ohio state certified reflexologist and a Reiki Master in 2012 and has also studied EFT, Access Bars, and Oneness blessings, as well as having a strong interest in astrology. Through these experiences, she discovered more about her role in being a facilitator to help others heal themselves.

After hearing about Marconics from a local group, Tracy knew that she needed to find out more and received her first ‘No Touch’ session in September 2015.  Immediately after the session, she decided to get the Marconic Quantum Recalibration, and her journey on the Ascension path began.

In March 2017, Tracy began receiving messages from Spirit that she would become a steward for a new Ascension energy modality called Angel Reclamation, later incorporated into Cornerstone Energetics as the Advanced Session. In September 2017, she was finally ready to fully receive the Ascension Light codes, and they were activated within her to share with humanity.

Services: Cornerstone Session, Advanced Session, Ascension Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Chakra Restoration Procedure, Lightbody Metamorphosis



William S. Hartley

William’s whole life has been a process of unfoldment, awakenings, numinous and mystical experiences, synchronicities, mental and physical mediumship and divine interventions, and realizing the importance of making available avenues of service for spiritual and psychic discernments, developments, disseminations and/for the uplifting evolutionary personal transitions and transformations into the ever expanding understanding of aligning our relationships with God and or whatever is relative to the names we all use in that sacred appreciative context of beingness.
Currently, he is finding himself involved in a beautiful spiritual and psychic community were service is of the utmost importance and central theme as well as reverence for God and all sentient life. He has been called to study under Reverend Steve Clevenger (White Lily Chapel and Rays of Light Church) and other phenomenal mentors and friends toward developing as an independent spiritualist/mediumistic minister. He has also had the pleasure of experiencing many classes with John McMullen with his Journeys of Wisdom programs.
Over the years William has been fortunate enough to develop/study gifts of healing (getting out of the way for self-healing/spirit to happen)  touch/non-touch (body-energy modalities…polarity therapy, craniosacral, reflexology, myofascial and or trigger point release techniques, hypnosis and or guided thought for brain wave shifts to occur which promote healing, mediumship touch, psychic surgery, shamanic practices, group and or channeled healings, trance channeled experiences, reiki (all levels), cert. cornerstone practitioner, meditation practices and the like, etc. ). He feels like through the years of information gathering, the more he knows the more he realizes he knows nothing about nothing. Life for him is a magical journey of unfoldment into the alignment with SPIRIT, into being who he is, has been and always will be.
God bless and welcome!
Services Offered: Cornerstone Session, Advanced Session, Chakra Restoration Procedure, Lightbody Metamorphosis, Mediumistic Energy Touch

Jason Tippie

From a young age, Jason knew there existed a higher power. It wasn’t until the year 2011 that he started the pursuit for his spiritual calling after an event that left him in chronic pain. He began attending Harmony Metaphysical Church in Tampa, Florida where he found many like-minded and gifted individuals. It was revealed to him here that he was already a powerful healer. One of the Reverends of the church was a Reiki Master, Rev. Luna, with whom he received training to become a level 2 Reiki practitioner on his pursuit to discovering his true path.

After moving to Ohio in 2013, Jason’s wife and he yearned to meet another group similar to those found at Harmony. In 2016, his wife met Tracy Butler-Martinez at a spiritual retreat while they were exploring several groups and modalities in their journey of spiritual growth and their pursuit of their true calling. Over the past 2 years, Tracy has become part of their spiritual family and is actually Jason’s soul sibling. Their journey together has led him here to Cornerstone Energetics, where ascension is just the beginning.

Services: Cornerstone Session, Advanced Session, Soul Retrieval, Chakra Restoration Procedure, Lightbody Metamorphosis



Krystal Correal-Tippie

Krystal is a wife, a mother and lifelong spiritual explorer. Her journey into the spiritual world began as a child afraid of the monsters in the dark, who grew into a young adult who learned to ignore them. With lots of training, meditation, and vast spiritual experiences, she’s matured into an adult who understands that not everything that we sense is innately good or bad.

Krystal’s spiritual path started in the religious sense with Christianity and Wiccanism; then she wandered through the healing paths of crystals, Angels, Reiki, Shamanism, Oneness Blessing, Marconics, Angel Reclamation, and now Cornerstone Energetics. It took her a long time to find something that really made sense and her spiritual goal is to help the ones who are ready to grow in the best way that’s meant for them. Her long- term goal is to focus on child healing and spiritual development, because we must invest in our little ones to have a brighter future. Her spiritual gifts include protection and spiritual confirmations to name a couple.

Services: Cornerstone Session, Advanced Session, Soul Retrieval, Chakra Restoration Procedure, Lightbody Metamorphosis